What they say about Sónar+D

"They are all bringing something new to the world"


"To be able to network, speed people, ask for advice..."

Dan Gray, UsTwo, Monument Valley

"An event like this is all about inspiring the next generation"

Random International

"Walking around the Sónar+D was just fuel for the rest of my year"

Christina Hug, Makers Nation

"The people here are exactly the target you would like to impress with your product"

Martin Varsavsky

"I find criticality inspiring, This is actually one of the things that's great about Sónar+D"

Kate Crawford, Microsoft Research

"The greatest density of people who might be interested in our work is actually there"


"You need to have technology, creativity and business in order to continue move these fields forward"

Aaron Koblin, Vrse

"Everyone I met has a new idea, platform, something. There's a lot of opportunities to try something new"

Stephanie Pereira, Kickstarter

"I’m excited about connection, how is so much easier to meet someone with similar interests"

Sputniko!, MIT MediaLab

"This is what Sónar does better than any: filling the gaps between creativity, technology and connecting people"

Richie Hawtin

"Even if only 1% of visitors to Sónar were interested in what you are doing, that would still be an extraordinary added value"

David Cuartielles, founder of Arduino

"So you get people who are technical with people who are crazy dreamers and people who are creative artists"

Aaron Koblin, Vrse

"I know that coming to Sónar will stimulate your brain a little bit more than other places. They are just so pushing forward"

Laurent Garnier, Artist

"Take my word for it: if you want to make connections with super smart entrepreneurs & investors in the arts, Sónar is the place to be!"

Cherie Hu, Forbes

"The people who I’ve been talking to are not just designers or just technologists but people who want to build something of value"

Justin Cone, Motionographer

"In three days I was able to meet many young very interesting people, artists, business people. Is wonderful that the world comes to Barcelona to mix and learn and interact"

John Acquaviva. Musician and investor Plus8 Equity Partners

"For us Sónar+D provided a pathway to showcasing our product, but also an opportunity to meet many people. Richie Hawtin visited our booth so we met there, and actually we are now working together in the US"

Jordi Borràs, littleBits

"Design is the way that we transform information into experiences. Product design is now starting to ask questions that are very close to experienced design. What skills are necessary to make them, what experience do the offer... and MarketLab is just great for that"

John Fass,

Royal College of Arts

"I think this business mean to continue to do something in a sustainable way, that is quite healthy. And I think forums like Sónar+D where you physically interact with people’s ideas and also with the people that have them makes it much more accessible and approachable"

Yancey Strickler, CEO Kickstarter