SonarHub is the gathering point for the creative community, an exhibition space open all day long, where all the steps of conception, creation and commercialization of a project are present: ideas and talent are represented in the University Hub, content creation in the Immersive Hub, the essential tools for creators can be found in the Creative Tech Hub and the Audio Tech Hub, business development is present in the Startup Hub, and in the Sónar+D Innovation Challenge converge, closing the circle, the talent of creators with the innovation needs of companies.


Previous participants of Sónar+D

Since 2013, over 200 companies, universities, institutions and organizations have chosen our Exhibition Area with prototypes, installations and products.

Next call soon

The Exhibition Area opens its call for emerging talent working with both finished projects and prototypes. Sound, music, media art, VR and AR, design and digital fabrication or science...all creative tech-driven projects are welcome.

If you are an organization, company or institution you can apply to this call and benefit from the following:

  • Showcase your product or project to a creative/tech-savvy audience from over 120 countries.
  • Test your technology before going out to the market.
  • Join top-notch creators, network with industry leaders, world-class investors and make meaningful connections in a unique environment.
  • Brand presence and dissemination via Sónar+D outlets
  • Sónar+D will subsidize the chosen projects reducing the final cost to 1,950€. The exhibition space is 16m2 (4x4) and includes basic furniture, electricity and internet.
  • 3 Delegate Passes that include full access to Sónar+D activities and access to the VIP areas at Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night

* For further details, contact us at [email protected]

* Please take note that The Exhibition Area will run for three days: 17, 18, and 19 June 2020 so its participants must be available the three days.