Collaborative Innovation

The Sónar+D Innovation Challenge (SIC) is the platform for rethinking the future of creative technology, based on the open collaboration between companies and talented creators from different fields. Companies propose challenges to creators and collaborate to produce disruptive prototypes to present them at Sónar+D.

The teams for this year’s edition have been formed and SIC will now evolve as follows:

  • June 17th - July 16th: teams will have the chance to meet and work remotely to plan the best solution for the challenge in collaboration with company mentors.
  • July 16th: Kick-off meeting (Barcelona, concrete place TBD). During this day, teams will meet in person for the first time and will be able to work on their prototypes to get them ready for being finalized and showcased at Sónar+D. Food and drinks included!
  • July 17th-19th: working session & showcases @ Sónar+D (Barcelona). During the festival, every team will have a dedicated space at Sónar+D, where they will be able to work on their prototype and interact with Sónar+D attendees. They will showcase their prototypes at Sónar+D stage on July 19th. Sónar+D is open 10am – 8pm and participants are expected to be present at the booth during this time. Food and drinks tickets will be provided for these days.
  • July 20th: chill out and enjoy Sónar+D and Sónar Festival.

Sponsor a Challenge

Challenges are open questions for the creative community that push forward the future of the creative industry. Challenges may not be exclusively technology-driven, but also driven by branding or artistic motivations.

Challenges may be sponsored by companies, universities, brands or other entities.

Sponsoring a challenge allows you to:

  • Deploy your technologies in a creative environment
  • Brand presence and dissemination via Sónar+D outlets
  • Networking and business opportunities, including participation in Meet the Expert sessions and workshops
  • Get in touch with top-notch talent from different creative fields. Recruiting opportunities.
  • Exhibition booth at Sónar+D
  • 3 Delegate Passes to enjoy Sónar Festival and Sónar+D

Sónar+D Innovation Challenge 2019

Challenges 2018

Creative prototypes to display and raise awareness about hearing loss by Amplifon
Amplifon challenged participants to explore ways to raise awareness about hearing loss by designing and building creative prototypes that allow users of different ages (seniors, adults, younger people…) to experience, visualize, and possibly detect hearing loss as well as gain a better understanding of what we are missing when we suffer from it.
Check the outcome.


Empowering Artists and Creators: Transforming the Music Industry with Blockchain-based Funding by Utopia Music
Utopia Music challenged creators to research, ideate, test, and prototype a decentralised blockchain-based funding platform.
Check the outcome.


The Composer’s Assistant by Jukedeck
Jukedeck challenged creators to create high-level tools that help music makers create music using the Jukedeck API.
Check the outcome.


The future of education by Alpha
Alpha challenged creators to ideate and rethink the future of education.
Check the outcome.


Music learning tools for people with motor disabilities by the Music Technology Group
The MTG challenged participants to explore teaching methods for learning to play melodies and rhythms through eye or head movements using the EyeHarp.
Check the outcome.

Challenges 2017

The enhanced DJ assistant by the Music Technology Group

The MTG challenged participants to create a user-friendly, visually appealing and musically motivated system that DJs can use to remix music collections in exciting new ways. Check the outcome of this challenge.


Context-aware music flow by Deezer

Deezer challenged participants to explore one of the most natural channels of human expressivity, gesture, applied to different music usages such as recommendation. Check the outcome of this challenge.


Instruments for interacting with CC audio by Audio Commons 

Audio Commons challenged participants to build a musical instrument that leverages online audio collections and their audio analysis tools. Check the outcome of this challenge


VR experiences for in-flight entertainment by Inflight VR

Inflight VR, together with Airbus, challenged participants to come up with exciting ideas for passengers who want to spend their in-flight time immersed in virtual worlds. Check the outcome of this challenge.


Music beyond sound by Red Bull Amaphiko

Red Bull Amaphiko challenged participants to develop technologies for translating music into visual and tactile experiences and allow people with hearing impairments to learn to play and even compose music. Check the outcome of this challenge.


Affective tech <3 shared music experiences by Teosto Futures Lab and the Nemo project

Teosto & the NEMO project challenged participants to create a solution that measures and uses emotion-related biosignals to enhance the feeling of togetherness during shared music experiences. Check the outcome of this challenge.

Challenges 2016

Expressive gaming experience through gesture Interaction by RAPID-MIX

RAPID-MIX challenged participants to create a novel gaming experience (or augmenting an existing one) through the use of interactive gesture recognition technology. Check the outcome of this challenge.


Collective smartphone experience by RAPID-MIX and Cosima

RAPID-MIX, together with Cosima, challenged participants to create a sonic experience for a crowd of people spontaneously engaging together into a collaborative performance, installation or soundwalk using their smartphones. Check the outcome of this challenge.


Augmented experience in electronic music festivals by Absolut Labs

Absolut Labs challenged creators to revitalize the way we experience electronic music festivals – from the audience to the stage – using a fusion of music, art and technology to promote new types of social and musical connections. Check the outcome of this challenge [team 1, team 2].


Collaborative music listening by Deezer

Deezer challenged participants to explore collaborative music listening and  build a system that monitors crowd behavior in order to generate and control a live, collaborative music playlist. Check the outcome of this challenge.