Stiven Kerestegian


Stiven Kerestegian has lead the co-creation and launch of dozens of successful products, services and experiences for global markets. He has held key design strategy and innovation leadership
positions at Microsoft, LEGO, IKEA and has collaborated with diverse organizations including governments, disruptive start-ups and NGO’s from all over the world.
As a social entrepreneur, Stiven is passionate about identifying insights that help synthesize problems into opportunities. He pursues initiatives that empower positive impact across the intersections of people/planet, technology and business (in that order). As a proactive thought leader and public speaker, Stiven has been recognized with over a dozen international design and innovation awards and grants in the areas of open innovation, sustainable design and social entrepreneurism.
Stiven currently lives in Copenhagen and is Head of Innovation at IKEA Group, as well as co-founder of a certified Benefit Corporation (B. Corp.) Chilote Shoes.

Stage+D (P4. Level 1)