Sergi Sagàs

MEDIAPRO Exhibitions

Sergi Sagàs is currently the Co-director and Head of Innovation of the Mediapro Exhibitions division and oversees the innovation design, implementation and deployment of creatively and technologically advanced initiatives, prior to this, he was the Director of R&D and Head of Creative Technologies for the Mediapro Group.

Sergi has lectured at professional trade shows, universities and research centers all over the world on topics like VFX, Digital humans, VR/AR and AI.  Since 2007, he also serves as a European Commission Expert Advisor and Project Reviewer in the area of innovation and new media technologies.

For 8 years he worked at Walt Disney Company as a Technical Director of the Feature Animation division, and for 5 years at Sony Pictures Imageworks as a Lead Technical Director where he worked on both R&D and production projects.

Sergi supervised several Oscar winning animation and visual effects teams (Spiderman 2, The ChubbChubbs, Tarzan) and was also a contributing member of several R&D efforts that received two Scientific and Technical Awards from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, California.

He strives to turn ideas into reality by creating innovative and spectacular media content, cutting-edge multisensory experiences, and interactive technologies.

Stage+D (P4. Level 1)