Marta Peirano

Journalist and writer

Marta Peirano is a journalist and writer specializing in free culture, security and privacy, internet rights and cryptography for journalists. She was head of the section of Cuture and Technology of the digital newspaper, she founded CryptoParty Berlin (an initiative around privacy and internet security issues) and was the founder of Elástico, a collective with which she co-directed the COPYFIGHT project on free culture.

She has written several books such as "El rival de Prometeo, Vidas de Autómatas Ilustres" and "El pequeño libro rojo del activista en la red", an introduction to cryptography for journalists, sources and media.
She has also participated in collective publications such as "Collaborative Futures: A book about the future of collaboration" (2010), "On Turtles and Dragons and the Dangerous Quest for a Media Art Notation System" (2013) and "Futurish: Thinking Out Loud About Futures (2014).

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