Madeline Gannon


Dr. Madeline Gannon is a multidisciplinary designer inventing better ways to communicate with machines. In her research, Gannon blends art and technology to forge new futures for human-robot relations. She is skilled at convincing robots to do things they were never intended to do: she has transformed a giant industrial robot into living, breathing mechanical creature, and has tamed a horde autonomous robots to behave more like a pack of animals. Her work shows that robots can be more than useful — they can be meaningful additions to our everyday lives. Gannon designs her research to engage with wide audiences across scientific and cultural communities. Her work has been exhibited at international cultural institutions, and her interactive installation, Mimus, earned her the nickname, "The Robot Whisperer." She is a three-time World Economic Forum Cultural Leader, and serves as a councilmember on the Forum's Global Council of IoT, Robotics, & Smart Cities. Gannon holds a Ph.D. in Computational Design from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master's of Architecture from Florida International University.

Sónar+D Auditorium by SEAT (P5. Level 1)