Fabien Siouffi

Fabbula Studio

Fabien Siouffi is the founder of Fabbula, a creative practice dedicated to Immersive Media (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality) since 2015. Fabbula  curate immersive art shows and events, represent artists and consult with organizations on their immersive futures. Fabbula also publishes online and printed essays, host a podcast of conversations with artists and regularly organize workshops in art schools, companies and institutions. 

Fabien Siouffi is a 20 years experienced international executive in the interactive entertainment sector (Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games), now gone indie and focused on giving a voice and platform for artists working with interactive media.

Beside Fabbula, Fabien is also a co-founder of the Dingdingdong collective along with artists and thinkers such as Emilie Hermant, Isabelle Stengers, Vinciane Despret, Bruno Latour et Anne Collod. 
He has also co-produced the "Donna Haraway, Storytelling for Earthly Survival" directed by Fabrizio Terranova.


Stage+D (P4. Level 1)