Daito Manabe

Creative technologist

Technologist, interaction designer, programmer and dj based in Tokyo, Manabe is one of the most relevant artists of our time. In 2006 he founded his studio, Rhizomatiks, and since 2015 he is co-director of Rhizomatiks Research, the R+D division of his studio, created to explore new possibilities in the field of innovation and technologic and artistic expression. Manabe’s work in the areas of art and live entertainment has brought a new approach in the relationship between technology and culture, thanks to his meticulous observation of reality to discover and elucidate the essential potentialities of the human body, data, computation and other phenomena, exploring the relationships and the limits between analog and digital, real and virtual.
Through the years, we have presented several of his works and shows, like the “Phosphere” installation (2017), the concert along Nosaj Thing (2017) his show at SonarComplex 2014 featuring dance and drones.


Stage+D (P4. Level 1)