Chris Howard (The Rattle)

Co-founder and CEO of The Rattle

Chris is a Harvard University & MIT alum with 6 startups under his belt. His first tech company, Libboo, was founded in 2009 to help authors succeed without the need of major publishers by leveraging the psychology of advocates in getting their content out there. In 2013, Chris then led the launch of MassChallenge UK - a non-profit startup accelerator supporting high-impact entrepreneurs globally - helping founders of companies who 'think differently' and aim to create progressive change within their industries. A few other less interesting companies later, Chris is the co-founder and CEO of The Rattle - a re-imagined hub for artists, technologists, and creatives to help these talented inventors of cultural change become successful founders of their own creative companies. Chris is also an active investor and speaker supporting the 'underdogs' in their industries.

Workshop 2 (P4. Level 3)