Carme Torras

Writer and Robotics Engineer

Carme Torras is a writer and Research Professor at the Institute of Robotics and Industrial Computing (CSIC-UPC), where she leads a dedicated research group on assistive and collaborative robotics. She has directed 16 European projects, including an Advanced Grant on robotic manipulation of garments, she has been awarded the Narcís Monturiol medal by the Generalitat de Catalunya, and recently, she has been recognized as a Catalan ICT Professional of the year.

Convinced that science fiction can help promote ethics in robotics and new technologies, she has written the novels “The Vestigial Heart” and “Enxarxats” (Males Herbes, 2017). 
She has also published a didactic guide for high schools to teach Ethics in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Stage+D (P4. Level 1)