Ton van't Noordende, 01Ventures

CEO of 01Ventures

Ton is CEO of 01Ventures,  European early and growth stage deep tech VC. With over 10 years of experience in investing and building startup companies, Ton is also investor in Residence at StartupDelta, working closely together with HRH Prince Constantijn, on a mission to break open the European investment scene. His personal goal is to empower one million entrepreneurs by 2020. That's also why he's currently travelling to 30 cities in 6 months, meeting with key influencers in the tech scene, to discover the origin stories of those cities and to get insights on the 'secret sauce' on entrepreneurship.

Ton founded Angel Island with the purpose of connecting the unconnected. He rented an island near Amsterdam, some tall ships and got together a curated group of 200 angel investors & 200 early stage founders and 'locked' the island. No pitching allowed, no keynotes, no name tags and a strict "zero asshole policy". The idea was to level the playing field and meaningfully connect these two groups.

Stage+D (P4 Level 1)

01Ventures - Sónar+D Barcelona 2018