Nicole L’Huilier, MIT Media Lab

MIT Media Lab

From Santiago de Chile via Boston. Transdisciplinary artist, musician, and architect Nicole L'Huilier is currently PhD researcher at the MIT Media Lab's Opera of the Future group (focused on music learning and interpretation) and part of the Space Exploration Initiative, where she explores possible futures and their forms of artistic expressions and culture as humans migrate to outer space.

Her work​ ​explores spatial​ ​experience, perception and the relationship between sound and space, based on the idea of sound as a construction​ ​material of spaces, identity, and agency. She opens questions about how we perceive our environment, and searches for ways to trigger connection and empathy between human and non-human agents. L'Huilier is also an experimental musician, drummer, synth​ ​lover and one-half of the space pop duo Breaking Forms.

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MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative - Sónar+D Barcelona 2018