Nazare Soares, Globetrotter visual artist

Globetrotter visual artist

Globetrotter visual artist Nazare Soares has lived, studied and worked in disparate cities as Brighton, where she received her B.A. Honors in Moving Image Arts, Ramallah, Tokyo or Trondheim (Norway), where she recently studied a Masters of Fine Art. Soares is founder of Invisibledrum Artist Association and her work has been exhibited in festivals and galleries from around the world such as Singapore's ArtScience Museum, Trondheim's arts and technology biennale Meta.Morf, the Museum of Modern Art of Addis Ababa, the Brighton Museum and the London Photo Festival, among many others.


Her works explore film languages and methodologies, immersive environments, speculative design and new media. Soares has teamed with artist Javier Bejarano in the creation of Monochrome, the show that they will present at Sónar 2018 featuring Oscar Mulero.

Stage+D (P4 Level 1)