Michelle Greenwald , CEO of Inventours

CEO of Inventours

Michelle Greenwald is CEO of Inventours, a firm that curates visits with leading global innovators in diverse fields (tech, product design, food) in the world’s most creative cities, to help companies improve innovation processes. She started DigitaLatestô, an annual conference, where senior management from the key global, digital marketing platforms, tools, and technologies update execs on the latest, and inspire them with best practice creative examples for better ROI.  She runs “Innovation Days” for companies, with benchmarking “safari’s” to foster cultures of innovation. She’s held different managing positions at Disney, Pepsi-Cola and Nestlé.  Michelle teaches Marketing at Cornell Johnson, Columbia, NYU Stern, and IESE Graduate Schools of Business.  She writes about innovation and marketing for Forbes, and wrote two books: "Catalyzing Innovation" and  Marketing Visualized.

Stage+D (P4 Level 1)

Digitalatest - Sónar+D Barcelona 2018