Javier Blánquez, journalist

Javier Blánquez, journalist specialized in culture

Javier Blánquez is a journalist specialized in culture, editor and professor of modern music history. He collaborates with different Spanish media - the newspaper El Mundo, Time Out Barcelona, Beatburger - as well as with the Barcelona publishing house Alpha Decay, and has coordinated the collective book Loops. A history of electronic music with Omar Morera. In 2018 he also published, this time as an author, the sequel, Loops 2. A history of electronic music in the 21st century.  As a result of his interest in classical music, which he has combined with electronic music for years, he has also been a critic of opera in El Mundo and published in 2014 the essay “Una invasión silenciosa. Cómo los autodidactas del pop han conquistado el espacio de la música clásica” . (A silent invasion. How the self-taught pop musicians have conquered the space of classical music).