Dimitri Hegermann

Cultural activist

Dimitri Hegermann considers himself a cultural activist, and certainly, he is. His story is based on injecting new life in forgotten spaces through music.
Between 1982 and 1990 he organized five editions of Atonal festival in Berlin (re-launched in 2013), afterwards he founded the club UFO, devoted to acid house, and when the wall came down he started the adventure for what he is best known: founding Tresor, one of the craddles for techno, in a space located right at the center of the recently reunited city.

The dynamics of the city brought the original Tresor to close in 2005, but that didn’t stop Dimitri from finding a new home for the club, an abandoned electric plant in the center of Berlin: Kraftwerk Berlin, where the club is currently located.

His experience revitalizing that kind of spaces has brought him to work on the project Detroit-Berlin Connection, where he transfers his previous Berlin experience to Detroit, the other techno capital, a city with an indisputable cultural weight and a big quantity of industrial ruins to conquer and turn into spaces where culture can grow and develop.

Room+D by Sacem (P4 Level 0)