Darius Kazemi

Internet artist

Darius Kazemi defines himself as an internet artist and it’s no joke, the majority of his work occurs on the internet. His bots are in its own element in social networks like twitter, platforms like Tumblr and shops like Amazon. Bots are automatic pieces of software that seem to come alive and have a personality of their own.

The Museum Bot tweets 4 times a day high-resolution images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Roses are Red Bot, makes poems in under 140 characters, and Amazon’s Random Shopper buys surprise gifts once a month, and this is only a tiny random part of the numerous bots that he has programmed, all of them made with a mix of humor, poetry, and critical thinking.

All the bots, generators, and games programmed by Kazemi are a neverending source of entertainment that it’s worth trying for oneself: http://tinysubversions.com/projects/

Recently Darius Kazemi has founded Feel Train, a creative programming cooperative business.


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