When the user is the protagonist: all the immersive experiences of Sónar+D


The artistic creation is experiencing a revolution in which the spectator is immersed in virtual worlds of light, sound and vision. These creations are changing the way audiovisual experiences are produced and lived.

All Sónar+D 2017 areas will be taken by immersive environments, starting with a series of keynotes and talks on the latest advances in virtual reality. Sonic and visual VR will be highlighted for almost 3 hours in 'Total Immersion' on Wed 14. Then, 'An eye to a virtual future' will focus how this medium is developing its own grammar, on Thurs 15. Visitors will be able to experience these advances at Realities+D in over 20 pieces that cover key issues in 2017 such as artificial intelligence ('Alteration'), robotics ('Hello Robot') or cosmos (if you attend 'Entropy', you might also like 'Listening to the Universe' and 'Melody of Dust').

This year, Sonar360º by Movistar+ will make its debut: a new stage for fulldome AV works, 360º sound and vision experiences that surround the spectator. This area, curated by SAT, will host workshops on this kind of spherical creation, and a selection of pieces by artists like Joanie Lemercier and NONOTAK, among others, will be exhibited.

Old-fashioned technologies, such as binaural sound, are living a second youth thanks to VR and immersive culture, evolving towards 3D sound, a series of positioning and reproduction techniques that allow us to experience sound from every angle. At MarketLab, visitors will be able to literally live in a completely immersive sound environment for a while, in spaces by Eurecat and INTORNO Labs, two Barcelona-based leading companies in 3D sound development.

Finally, SonarPLANTA will unquestionably be the definitive immersive experience. Japanese artist Daito Manabe will present 'phosphere', a large-scale installation that cannot be visually recorded: you need to literally enter, live and experience 'phosphere' to describe it, if you can find the words.