Wednesday 14 June: Networking Day


Connecting with people like you that has travelled from the other side of the world, starting conversations that someday will become projects, finding what you needed or someone who needs what you offer... Sónar+D is a great space for networking for all agents of the ecosystem of technological and creative innovation.

Networking has earned its own day at the festival, for delegates only, with even more sessions than last year that will increase the chances of meeting people – a very special Wednesday that will be topped off with a huge paella outdoors, to share and discuss.

On Wednesday 14 June all Delegates will be able to enjoy contents and activities that are specially designed to maximize meetings and discussions and will conclude in the evening with an informal dinner: a giant paella.


Confirmed participants for the 14th:

Björk joins Networking day with a conversation in which she will talk about her close ties to the audio-visual world all throughout her career. The Open Music Initiative leading team: Panos Panay, (Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship), Michael Hendrix (design  innovation at IDEO), Marko Ahtisaari (MIT Media Lab), Kenric McDowell (Google Artists + Machine Intelligence), Douglas Eck and Adam Roberts (Magenta. Google Brain), Freya Murray (Google Arts + Culture Lab), Memo Akten (Artist), Darius Kazemi (Internet Artist), Gabo Arora (United Nations VR), Edu Pou (Here be Dragons), McKenzie Stubbert (Composer), Luis Gaitán (Head of Creative at Google México), Emma Pueyo (creative director), Ilia Uvarov (R/GA), Lucio Rufo (R/GA), Rafa Soto (HerraizSoto&Co) and Robert Sopenlehto (Bolster).

On Wednesday all the Sónar+D areas will be open only for Delegates: MarketLab, Sonar360º by Movistar+ and Realities+D.

Besides the “networking day”, with your Delegate Pass you will enjoy for 3 days and 3 nights the best of Sónar+D and Sónar:

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See Sónar’s programme.
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