We Are Europe


For the third year in a row, We Are Europe (WAE), an initiative joining 8 major festivals from across the European continent presents a diverse and exciting program at Sónar and Sónar+D. This year's WAE topic is New activists of European culture and the 
invited festivals are Nuits Sonores and it’s associated forum European Lab, Insomnia, and Resonate.


European Lab will be  presenting the talk The New Internet featuring blockchain and crypto-communities expert Mat Dryhurst, Alistair Alexander, member of the info-activist organization Tactical Tech, and internet and music pioneer Ian Rogers. Insomnia will present a special panel 'Emergency Button', addressing how technology can help immigration, which will count as as participants the documentary filmmakers Brigitte Scheffer and Mohamed Jabaly who work in conflict zones, artist Joana Moll, and the alternative communication laboratory, mobilitylab.


Meanwhile, representatives will be adding their experience to Meet the Expert, and you can discover more about the We Are Europe Initiative at their booth in MarketLab, where you will have the opportunity to meet and chat with some of the participants.


Don’t miss the incredible new tech-show by Daedelus, Panoptes, which will be presented by Resonate.