Watch the Sónar+D CCCB Talk: FuturePulse: Forecasting success in the music Industry


There has never been a better time for artists to get their music out and be discovered by new audiences. But at the same time, with nearly 40,000 new tracks uploaded every day on Spotify alone, the competition to get audience attention is really immense. 

Some key questions and challenges that the music industry faces include the complexity to combine different data sources to achieve more accurate predictions; how nearly impossible is to foresee unanticipated events (such as terrorist attacks and pandemics) and their impact on music; how the subjective nature of human decision making can be combined with an AI toolbox to optimize success.

These questions and challenges were addressed in the Sónar+D CCCB talk ‘Forecasting Success in the Music industry’, featuring representatives from Soundcharts, Spinnin Records, Playground Music Scandinavia and Soundtrack Your Brand. The talk, which is available to re-watch now for the first time, focuses on potential future challenges facing the music industry, as well as how insights drawn from the FuturePulse platform, could help to provide solutions.