Voices of Sónar+D for ME by Meliá 2019


Experience design is transforming the idea that we have of an installation, a film, an application, or a concert and becomes the the expressive medium par excellence of our time.

Voices of Sónar+D for ME by Meliá are three events curated by Sónar+D that reflect on one of the most important concepts in the creative world: immersion. The three events will take place in the hotels ME Madrid, ME London and ME Milan on 4 April, 8 and 16 May.

Elisa Pasqual & Marco Ferrari (Studio Folder) and Marco Mancuso (Digicult)
16 May | 19h | ME Milano
Piazza della Repubblica, 13 Milano

In Milan we will get to know closely the work of the Milanese research and design agency Studio Folder. Its founders Elisa Pasqual and Marco Ferrari will talk to José Luis de Vicente (curator of Sónar+D) and Marco Mancuso, responsible for the Digicult publication.  

Robin McNicholas (Marshmallow Laser Feast)
8 May | 18:30h | ME Londres
Strand London WC2R 1HA.

José Luis de Vicente (Sónar+D curator) will meet Robin McNicholas, one of the founders of the acclaimed study Marshmallow Laser Feast, pioneers in the creation of experiential content for virtual reality, performance, and installations. 
The attendees will be able to exclusively experience the immersive installation "Deep Meditations" from digital artist Memo Akten. This installation will be moving in July to Sónar+D in Barcelona, presented by ME by Meliá.

Ignasi Capellà (Broomx)
4th April | 20h | ME Madrid
Plaza de Santa Ana 14

Ignasi Capellà, co-founder of Broomx (a company that creates advanced tools for virtual reality experiences without using headsets) and José Luis de Vicente (Sónar+D curator) will talk about immersive and experiential technologies.