Thursday's Essentials


These are the things that you can’t miss on Thursday

Two espectacular immersive experiences: Entropy (halfway between scientific lecture and audiovisual show) and the premiere of “phosphere”, this year’s SonarPLANTA installation, by Daito Manabe, who will make a presentation as well, along his longtime collaborator Motoi Ishibashi.

More premieres: ustwo games studio will present their latest and long awaited hit: the sequel of their award winning game Monument Valley. Dan Gray and his team will tell how they develop innovative and successful games. On the other hand, Guy Hoffman and his team will premiere Project Blossom, a low-cost social robot powered by artificial intelligence geared towards children suffering from autism.

Music plays an important role with “How to Blockchain for artists, labels and fans”, the “Deconstruction Masterclass” by PointBlank music school, the advantages of Creative Commons for the Creative Industries, and conversations with two innovative artists: Suzanne Ciani and Jlin. Furthermore, Francisco López will present his project that involves sound artists and computers.

Thursday’s workshops will show how to program a Twitter bot with Darius Kazemi, how the most iconic sounds of electronic music were designed, and how to build a light-controlled analog synth.

The Meet the Expert and Artists Wanted networking activities will be ongoing. Book your appointment if you haven’t. 

MarketLabRealities+D and Sonar360 by Movistar+ will be open from 10AM until 9PM.

That’s all for today, tomorrow, more.