The Sónar Innovation Challenges 2017


The Sónar Innovation Challenge (SIC), co-organized by the MTG, is a twist on traditional hackathons, a platform for creative minds that want to be one step ahead and experiment with the future of technology. It brings together innovative tech companies and creators, collaborating during 5 weeks to solve challenges that will lead to disruptive prototypes showcased in Sónar+D.

Tech companies propose challenges for the creative community based on concrete needs for innovation. Creators (coders, artists, designers, hackers…) who sign up for a challenge will have, after a selection process, the opportunity to work in a prototype within a unique collaborative environment together with other challengers and company mentors.

The challenges for Sónar innovation Challenge 2017 are:

The Enhanced DJ Assistant by the MTG: Apply AI driven expert agents to suggest creative ways to mix in a user-friendly and visually appealing way.

Deezer proposes context-aware music flow to explore how gestures based on movement and biosignals can create interactions that go beyond pause, play and stop.

The Audio Commons challenge consists of building a music instrument that leverages audio collections from Creative Commons repositories such as Jamendo and Waves.

In Flight VR partner with Airbus to challenge participants to come up with ideas for passengers who want to spend their in-flight time immersed in virtual worlds.

Challenging participants to translate music into visual and tactile experiences to allow people with hearing impairments to play and compose music is the Red Bull Amaphiko proposal.

Teosto & the NEMO project aim to create a solution that measures and uses emotion-related biosignals to enhance the feeling of togetherness during shared music experiences.