The art (and the technologies) of listening


From 3D sound to personalized headphones, to devices to protect and enhance hearing, to devices that transfer the sound vibrations to the body, there is no doubt that listening and hearing technologies are a booming industry.


Sónar and Sónar+D are all about listening: about listening to music and about listening to the speakers that will share their knowledge and ideas throughout the four days of the event.


These are the activities in which listening and hearing are the protagonists:


The music producer Daedelus will guide the audience, who will be wearing headphones, through an exceptional listening experience: a meditation session. This will be –hands down – the best way to start the Friday.


In partnership with Amplifon we will explore the future of listening, with Roger Linn – creator of the MPC, a sequencer and drum machine which is crucial in music genres as hip-hop; Claire Tolan, technologist and ASMR artist; and the researcher in music haptics from Zurich University, Stefano Papetti.


Both at MarketLab and at the Startup Garden companies are innovating in listening and hearing technologies, such as nura, who will be presenting the nuraphone, the first headphone that adapts to each person’s unique hearing; and dbTrack and Earlabs, will present their respective technologies to protect and enhance hearing. Not to forget Eurecat, with their Sfëar 3D audio tools, a next-generation technology for 3D and spatialized audio. They will also offer a workshop on how to use their technology.

You will be able to bathe in immersive sound at the Sonar360º by MEDIAPRO dome and at The Realities+D section, as both fulldome and virtual reality pieces are as much a listening experience as a visual one. In fact, if you want to listen truly, the VR piece “Sanctuaries of Silence” will bring you, along with the acoustic ecologist and Emmy winner Gordon Hempton, to one of the quietest places in the planet, Olympic National Park, to prove that noise exists even in the most remote corners of the world.