Sónar presents the audiovisual installation "Chiasm" by Edwin van der Heide at Barcelona City Hall


To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, Sónar presents Chiasm, an audiovisual installation created by Edwin van der Heide especially designed for the inner courtyard of Barcelona City Hall.

The title refers to the intimate interrelationships between a body and other bodies and the space in which they coexist, thanks to a three-dimensional interaction of light and sound. By using a thin layer of smoke, the light from multiple lasers becomes visible and tangible, creating projected surfaces and shapes within the space. Light plays with existing architecture, while creating and proposing new structures. By moving through the space, visitors will build their own experience of the work and at the same time influence the experience of the rest of the spectators. Thus, visitors form an integral part of the work and act as agents in a collective and "quiasmatic" experience.

Edwin van der Heide is an artist and researcher in the field of sound, space and interaction. His work is based on expanding the frontiers of musical composition and language to project them in spatial, interactive and interdisciplinary directions. His work includes installations, performances and immersive sound environments. In his works - such as the installation Spectral Diffractions in the Mies van der Rohe pavilion for Sónar 2014 - the public is often placed at the centre of the work and challenged to actively explore, interact and relate to the work itself.

"Chiasm" Edwin Van Der Heide
Audiovisual installation

Tuesday 12: 6pm - 8.30pm
Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14: 3pm - 8.30pm

Curator: Arnau Horta

Barcelona City Council
Font de Sant Miquel s/n Street
Access located between Ciutat Street and Sant Miquel Square / Behind Sant Jaume Square

Free activity 

*This project has been made possible thanks to the support of the Mondriaan Fund.