Sónar is working to become a carbon neutral event


During Sónar and Sónar+D 2018, the organization will measure the carbon footprint related to the development of the event. This calculation quantifies the greenhouse gas emissions linked to the energy consumption of the installations and the generation of waste, among others.

Once the festival is over, Sónar will collaborate with a project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the voluntary market, thus offsetting the impact of the Sónar 2018 event.

The project chosen is called Procuenca: a sustainable management project in Colombia (the country in which the festival is held annually by Sónar Bogotá), and that brings together different activities aimed at sustainable forest management.

One of the most important is the restoration of forests where the quantity and quality of fresh water in the soil is regulated and improved. Used for biodiversity conservation. There are 4,540 protected hectares, where its objective is to increase biodiversity and improve connectivity between strategic ecosystems that have previously been degraded by agriculture, grazing and massive deforestation. Thus, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced due to a greater absorption of CO2, thanks to the conservation of biomass and avoiding the generation of carbon dioxide thus mitigating 36,000 tCO2@e per year.