Sónar heads to TodaysArt 19-22 September


As part of the We are Europe co-operation, Sónar and Sónar+D will be co-curating some of the talks, workshops, shows and A/V performances at the upcoming edition of TodaysArt festival, taking place between the 19th and 22nd September in The Hague.   

Following TodaysArt's participation in Barcelona this summer, Sónar travels to the Dutch festival to present, among other works, a large scale installation from the influential Raster studio as well as an AV performance from Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa whose sui generis work sits midway between science and immersive art.   

In addition, Sónar+D will contribute to the of the festival's Context program, presenting artist talks by Pablo Valbuena, Refik Anadol and Douglas Rushkoff.   

Reprising performances from Sónar 2019, Canadian artist Push 1 Stop will present her A/V explorations, while Congolese DJ Hibotep will push her genre agnostic sound collage and left field party jams.   

The second phase of We are Europe unites 8 likeminded festival-forums in the spirit of co-creation and collaboration, focused on a shared 'pool' of leading artists and figures who best represent 'Todays ideas for tomorrows' culture'.

More info: todaysart.org/