Sónar+D Innovation challenge 2020: Join the live online event!


The Sónar+D Innovation Challenge (SIC), co-organized by the Music Technology Group de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra is the platform for rethinking the future of creative technology, based on the open collaboration between companies and talented creators from different fields. Companies propose challenges to creators and collaborate to produce disruptive prototypes to present them at Sónar+D. This years’ challenge, with a ‘datathon’ format, has been posed by the music analytics platform FuturePulse, an EU-funded project that draws on data from the most popular social media services, streaming services, music monitoring services, and, combined with machine learning and advanced analytics, predicts trends in the growth of artists, genres, playlists and more.

Watch the live online event, Wednesday 18th November at 15:00 CET

Over the past two weeks, two teams of successful applicants have been creating models and solutions for identifying early popularity trends in music (artist, songs and genres ), and for predicting how trends will develop or evolve, in specific demographics or influence groups. The teams will present their findings, live in an open online event, Wednesday 18th November at 15:00 CET. Watch on this page or on the Sónar+D Youtube channel.

The two teams presenting their findings are:

Team A
Alberto González Pulido
Andres Ferraro
Gema FB Martin
Rita Geleta
Sylvain Le Groux

Team B
Ananda Mele
Cristian Prigoana
Daniel Rosero
Livia Fioretti
Lorenzo Porcaro