Sónar+D Innovation Challenge 2018


What is Sónar+D Innovation Challenge?

Sónar+D Innovation Challenge (SIC) is a platform co-organised with the Music Technology Group (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) for connecting tech companies, universities and brands with creators from different disciplines: artists, designers, hardware specialists, coders, makers, etc.

SIC is a platform designed for companies and creators to connect organically with the Sonar+D innovation ecosystem.

Open collaboration is at the heart of the Innovation Challenge: Creators work online on their projects for five weeks and meet in person for the first time at Sónar+D, where they have 4 days to finalize their prototypes and present them to the audience.

How it works

A company proposes a challenge, an open question for the creative community to push forward the future of the creative industry. Challenges may not be exclusively technology-driven, but also driven by branding or artistic motivations. Creators from all around the world can sign up for a challenge through our website. After a selection process that considers background, gender balance, diversity and motivation, each challenge gets a team of 5 creators to work in a prototype within a unique collaborative environment together with company mentors.

What’s in it for companies, universities and brands

  • Deploy your technologies in a creative environment
  • Brand presence and dissemination via Sónar+D outlets
  • Networking and business opportunities, including participation in Meet the Expert sessions and workshops.
  • Get in touch with top-notch talent from different creative fields. Recruiting opportunities.
  • Exhibition booth at Sónar+D
  • 3 complimentary delegate passes

What’s in it for creators

  • Work in a unique collaborative environment
  • Get in touch with other creators from minute zero
  • Aid for travel expenses
  • 4-day creative sprint in Barcelona
  • Presentation of prototypes inside Sónar+D
  • Delegate Pass to enjoy Sónar Festival


If you want to sponsor a challenge get in contact with: [email protected]

Call for creators will open on March 20.