Sónar+D at European Lab Forum


The We Are Europe project brought us to Lyon’s European Lab Forum to discuss the potential of the Blockchain for culture. From copyright management to music streaming, to festival ticketing, this crypto technology seems to have an answer for many online related questions.

The participants in the conversation were Maxime Faget, organizer of the SeaNaps festival, and developer of the SeaNaps technology – which distributes money from ticket sales to every person that contributes to the festival. Tyler Tyldesley member of the Resonate streaming platform board, which is offering an innovative “stream to own” model for music distribution; and Xavier Lavayssière, researcher of blockchain protocols and CEO of ECAN, a blockchain development, and training agency.

The moderator is the journalist Lisa Blanning, who will also be chairing the session about the future of the www at Sónar+D “The New Internet.”

Enjoy the talk hitting “play” here.