RMIT and Sónar+D, an ongoing collaboration


The RMIT University is located in Melbourne, has campuses in Vietnam, more than 80.000 students and set up its European office in Barcelona in 2013. As well as being a hub that helps RMIT students from Asia and Oceania to take on European study experiences, it also serves as a centre to connect the expertise of RMIT researchers with European research projects.

The RMIT and Sónar+D collaboration started in 2015, where they collaborated in activities like the lecture by Indy Saha, Europe’s Google Creative Lab Director, or the presence in MarketLab of Jonathan Duckworth, director of one of their research labs in Melbourne, that will repeat his presence this 2017.

The association of RMIT and Sónar+D continued in 2016, with the lecture by big data researcher Kate Crawford and a workshop where technologies from game and interactivity development were applied to historical images from Barcelona taken from the public archive Europeana.

In 2017 Sónar+D keeps collaborating with RMIT in association with UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) to deliver a digital ethnography summerschool where the focus of study is Sónar and Sónar+D. Furthermore, Sarah Pink, director of RMIT's digital ethnography research centre will offer a lecture on how this kind of research can be applied to product design and technologies for the future.

Adriana Partal from the RMIT team told us: “we set up our office in Barcelona to collaborate not to compete”, thus, this university collaborates with the majority of Barcelona’s universities and organizes workshops and seminars that reflect upon cultural intelligence and education using the technologies of art and innovation.