Networking Space Creative Industries: artificial intelligence


One year more we team up with Barcelona Activa to celebrate a networking event for the sector of creative industries professionals, either people who are looking for employment or professionals that want to freshen up their careers.

This year we dedicate the event to artificial intelligence and how it's reshaping our world. From revolutionizing information technologies to it's growing presence in our homes and our daily lives. In this event, we will gaze to the future to see how artificial intelligence is opening new paths for the creative industries.

You will also have the chance to participate in a networking space that will offer the possibility to establish new contacts and professional opportunities with companies and professionals in this field.

The event will feature the interventions of:
José Luis de Vicente, Curator at Sónar+D
Jose Torrabadella, Vicepresident of Broadcast at BMAT
Ferran Cruixent, Composer
Artur Garcia, Post-doctoral Researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center

More information and registration here.