Let’s Resonate!


Innovation in music, visual arts and digital culture will be in the spotlight at Resonate in Belgrade, from 19 to 22 April 2017. This festival will gather creators, researchers and teachers to discuss the role of technology in art and culture.

Sónar+D and Sónar, as well as c/o pop (Cologne), were invited by Resonate to this year’s festival, as part of We Are Europe initiative.

Sónar+D organise these activities:

A talk by Christopher Bauder. The works of this visual artist specialised in huge installations and light design have been exhibited in countless events and have received several awards such as the Red Dot, the German Design Award or the Cannes Lions award.

Creative coders Gene Kogan and Andreas Refsgaard will give a talk and present an intensive workshop on machine learning for artists that will show how to apply AI concepts such as neural networks and machine learning to audio, video, performances or installations.

In a talk called ‘Tracking Forensics’ and a workshop, Joana Moll will shed some light on the complex structures, both physical and digital, that make up the Internet: underground and underwater wires, geopolitics, surveillance and privacy. Attendees will learn the most common practices to monitor users online.

Apparently unrelated ideas such as design and fiction intersect in the works of Normals Studio. This studio will present a 3-day workshop on wearable data. Attendees will develop a wearable collective app that will transform their own data into a garment.

Finally, artist Pablo Valbuena will give a talk on how architecture and projection, as a source of light, join together in his works to create ‘real virtualities’ and moving spaces.

When the night falls, Sónar will present the Resonate Closing Night with the collaboration between the creative coder Alba G.Corral and the Serbian producer Regen, alongside performances by Biosphere and Mykki Blanco.
Check the whole Resonate program here.