Imagining possible futures at Sónar+D


There are still many creative and technological territories to explore and Sónar+D 2018 invites you to imagine the paths that space exploration, the new advances in immersive storytelling, the futures of music and the new internet and its future updates. Without forgetting Sónar+D as a meeting place for professionals from the creative industries.

These topics are developed in conferences and round tables, workshops and training activities, virtual reality experiences, augmented reality and full dome shows, artistic installations, tech-shows and networking activities.

Highlights of this year's program include a lecture by Susan Rogers, Prince's sound engineer in  the 1980s, a successful music producer and now a researcher and expert on how the brain relates to music. Ian Rogers, a pioneer in bringing technology and music together. He went from webmaster of the Beastie Boys to director of LVMH's digital area, along the way helped launch Apple's streaming service, Apple Music. 
Music platforms such as Bandcamp and Pandora will also be present explaining how at the same time they help us discover new music and provide creators with tools to manage their careers.


The place to discover products, technological solutions, prototypes and amazing installations. MarketLab is also the space for direct interaction between the public and the creators, the place to see, touch, discover, ask questions and make contacts. This is  Marketlab 2018.

One year, more Realities+D will show recent works and premieres of virtual reality and augmented reality, an opportunity to observe closely, as every year, these media evolve both technologically and narratively. A full schedule will be announced soon.


How to make music with artificial intelligence with Google Magenta, how to build a nanosatellite with researchers from IEEC (Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya), how to produce 3D audio with Sfëar from Eurecat, how to give a strategic boost to your business with Ideas for Change, how to use astronomical data for creative purposes and how to tell stories with virtual reality. This is just the beginning, there are many more workshops ready to join the program.

Networking Activities

Come to discover talent or to be discovered. Meet the Expert puts you in touch with professionals and experts from different areas of the creative industries: programmers, managers, curators, journalists, experts in intellectual property, or in business development.

At Meet the Investor, all accredited investors with a business idea or startup can pitch one of the 30 international investors who will be present at Sónar+D this year.