Hong Kong celebrates its second edition of Sónar+D


The second edition of Sónar+D Hong Kong will take place on 17 March. This year's programme features outstanding new media installations, such as Das Fremde, a colony of robots that create their own language and culture in real time through IA, the ethereal dreamscapes made of paper and laser cut printing technologies created by Hong Kong based artist Pauline Yau, or Tapping, a sound sculpture that resonates like a wind chime.
Realities+D's programme will provide VR experiences such as 'Tree' or 'Scope Virtual' (included in the selection of festivals like Sundance or Tribeca), music-based pieces such as 'Hovering' (featuring music by Shigeto), or 'Under Neon Lights', a piece by The Chemical Brothers and St. Vincent, produced by VR pioneers Within.
Conferences will focus on robotics, featuring the well-known Sophia the robot, a creation of the Hong Kong-based lab Hanson Robotics, or a talk by roboticist Michael Spranger that will answer the question "Can robots create their own language?".
The workshops at Sónar+D Hong Kong will be specialised in modular synthesizers and musical instruments. Leafcutter John will demonstrate his creations and Barcelona-based lab Mutan Monkey Instruments will conduct two workshops and will participate at MarketLab.
Online platform Sedition and dadamachines will also participate at MarketLab, which includes an exclusive stage for 3D sound pieces this year.