First Istanbul Sónar+D Edition


Sónar+D arrives in Istanbul on 24 and 25 March. The first Turkish edition of Sónar+D will take place with a two-day programme focused on audiovisual creation and research.

Outstanding composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda will bring his minimalist aesthetics to Sónar+D Istanbul with his live audiovisual show Supercodex. Visual artist Ali M. Demirel will present ‘The Pier’, a film on abandoned architectural structures featuring an original soundtrack by Biosphere. French-Japanese duo NONOTAK will perform their enthralling work ‘Shiro’. Designer Francesco Tosini, AKA Acca, will present ‘Rame’, a reflection on how humans measure time. Visual platform NOS (Nohlab and Osman Koç) will team up with musicians Cem & Rg, and, finally, artist Atay İlgün will present his audiovisual show of stroboscopic lights and images.

AUDINT, a transdisciplinary research cell that consists of Eleni Ikoniadou, Patrick Defasten, Toby Heys and Steve Goodman (Kode9), will also showcase their work at Sónar+D Istanbul: AUDinst019: Upload= Delphic Panaceas, a multisensory immersive experience, and two films ‘Delusions of the Living Dead!’, plus the trailer of animated piece ‘Ghostcode’.

Sónar+D Istanbul will also hold two keynotes focused on local creative community: ‘Consuming Music in 2017 and Beyond‘ and ‘ Fostering Young Entrepreneurship in Turkey‘.