First confirmed mentors and investors for Startup Garden 2018


Startups, investors and mentors are the pillars of Startup Garden.
Mentors such as Scott Cohen, cofounder of The Orchard and Cyborg Nest; Luis Iván Cuende, founder of Aragon, blockchain-based platform for managing organizations; Martin Adams, founder of Codec, experts in AI and Startup Garden' former participants; or Pol Hortal, founder of Cooncert.
The 2018 edition list of investors features Jonathan Becker from; Mercè Tell and Ernest Sánchez from Nekko VC; business angel Joice Lu, former engineering project manager at Apple; John Acquaviva and Rishi Patel from Plus8 Equity Partners, focused on innovative businesses in the music industry; hardware specialist Larry Tsai; Max Rimpel from Index Ventures, VC capital firm which features companies such as Deliveroo, Sonos or Slack in their portfolio; or even the global entertainment company Turner International with its Digital Ventures & Innovation (DV&I) division.
More names will be added soon to Startup Garden 2018. 

From AI to VR, blockchain to concert booking, the first confirmed investors and mentors for the Startup Garden at Sónar+D have a wealth of experience to apply to your company. Don't miss out and join our open call.