All things #musicbiz and #musictech


Sónar+D is the place to discuss and discover all things music-tech and music biz. Platforms, services, imaginative new instruments, software, hardware and tools to make music distribution transparent and fair. 

On Wednesday Open Music Initiative will present their project to find a common metadata language for music with its three founders: Panos Panay (Berklee ICE), Michael Hendrix (IDEO) and Marko Ahtisaari (MIT Media Lab). 

Business for Creative Technologists is a panel thought with independent creators in mind. An incubator (Abbey Road Red) an Investment Fund (Plus 8 Equity Partners) and the Venture Partnership division at Native Instruments will discuss what it takes to turn good ideas into profitable businesses. 

Transparency and fair retribution are the two main concerns of music industry in the digital age. Blockchain technology can address this two concerns at the same time. That information comes encrypted doesn’t mean it’s not easy. We’ll discover how to blockchain in a practical session.

The big data of music is useful for artists: when is their music played? how many times? where? this data can help artists understand their audience. URights is an initiative by Sacem and IBM that provides this information to help build sustainable music practice.

Don’t forget to visit MarketLab, the place where independent creators meet with consolidated brands. The place to test, try and experiment with both prototypes and finished projects.

Get to know TINAMI (a customizable MIDI controller), innovative music tools like DATO DUO, Ants!, Soundcool, MOD Duo and Dadamachines; the 3D printed instruments of EntresD, the latest binaural and 3D audio innovations by INTORNO Labs and Eurecat; and experiment with the instruments and devices by Novation, Elektron, Roland Aira Creative Hub and PLAYDifferently; the devices funded via the Ulule platform, and the experimental interfaces of Diffractive Interfaces. There is more to discover.

Music Technology plays an important role at the Sónar Innovation Challenge. The challenges involve artificial intelligence and djing (MTG); creating instruments to interact with creative commons audio (audio commons); playlist creation depending on the context we listen to music (Deezer); creating tools so people with visual and hearing impairments can play and learn music (Red Bull Amaphiko) and enhancing shared music experiences (Teosto Futures Lab and NEMO Project).

Many of the participants of the Startup Garden powered by MIGRATION are music focused companies. Instrument creators (Oval and Reactable); platforms to share and discover music (Playmoss and JNB Music); apps that let you catch up your music ideas (HumOn); transparent and fair play count and retribution (Warm, Dotblockchain); music performance apps (Melodics), new formats (Pacemaker, Revibro) new audio protocols (Beeping).