All about AI


One of the core subjects of Sónar+D 2017 is AI and how it’s changing the way we make and experience arts and culture in its wider sense.

Go deep into AI with the following activities:

The role of Artists in the AI Revolution (Mini Symposium) Is there Creativity beyond human creativity? Kenric McDowell AI curator and Google Artists+Machine Intelligence will answer that question (or ask new ones) in his keynote. Google Brain’s music research cell Magenta and Freya Murray from Google Arts and Culture Lab will join artists Darius Kazemi and Memo Akten to discuss how humans and non-humans can collaborate to make art.

Google AI Showcase: How machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing the art of the future. Kenric McDowell (Google AMI), Douglas Eck (Magenta) and Freya Murray (Arts + Culture Lab) will show the most interesting projects are coming out of the Google laboratories.

Bots will have a special place in this year’s program. Bot poet Darius Kazemi will teach a workshop on how to program your first Twitter bot and make Twitter a less boring place. Afterwards head to the MarketLab and find the Somerset House Studios presented by British Council booth. You’ll find Lady Chatterley’s Tinderbot, a bot that interacts with Tinder users, impersonating the characters of the novel, this bot is created by the quantum physics trained artist Libby Heaney.

Don’t just go to MarketLab once, visit often, because there are works in process that will change over time, like “My Artificial Muse”, a work where Google Arts and Culture Lab resident Mario Klingemann programs an AI that learns about the muses that inspired art through the centuries, and artist Albert Barqué paints (with paint)  the artificial muse the AI has created. A big al fresco painting that will evolve throughout the three days.

VR experiences make AI part of their storytelling. In "Virtual, Virtual Reality" human jobs are taken by AIs, in "Alteration" an AI gets into the dreams of its protagonist, Alejandro to dematerialize is subconscious, and finally Jessica Brillhart makes a VR experience using Google's AI based image recognition software Deep Dream.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the Sónar Innovation Challenge participants, because the Music Technology Group team will use AI to create a Dj assistant that will help djs to remix music collections in exciting new ways.