6 times we’ve talked about blockchain at Sónar+D


Blockchain has been the buzzword of the last years. The technology behind cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum seems to be the promise to bring back the open, free and neutral Internet we imagined in the 90s.
Here are 6 moments when blockchain technology was discussed at Sónar+D:

  1. Jolocom’s Joachim Lohkamp talked about managing identity on the Internet and laid out some basics about the blockchain.
  2. Also in 2016, artist Lars Holdhus asked himself "Where is the money? How do artists archive their creative work? Could a decentralised system like the blockchain help artists to manage rights, files and money?".
  3. Resonate’s Peter Harris explained how blockchain can be like http or tcp/ip for music – we use it every day, even if we don’t know what it is. This is Blockchain 101.
  4. Richie Hawtin told us how blockchain technology can help creative freedom and remix culture.
  5. Marko Ahtisaari from MIT Media Lab talked about "permissionless innovation" and the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT.
  6. Music is always an early adopter of technologies that are at the forefront of innovation. With Peter Harris from Resonate streaming platform, copyrights specialist Cliff Fluet, visual artist and musician Blanca Rego and music strategist Bas Grasmayer dedicated a whole panel to blockchain and music: for artists, for labels and for you, the music fan who wants to support music.