2019 a year of fulldome premieres


Sonar360º by MEDIAPRO, the space dedicated to fulldome is back. A selection of pieces that explore different perspectives offered by this medium, which this year offers three world premieres: “Perception”, “factors” and “Nebulae”.

This year three pieces are exclusively premiered: “factors,” a mathematical research of image and music straight out of the Rhizomatiks factory, a work by two maestros of code: Daito Manabe and his collaborator Satoshi Horii.

On the other hand, Joanie Lemercier and his studio propose “Nebulae,” a piece inspired by the cosmos that will take the audience to an hypnotic interstellar journey.

Perception” is the proposal produced by MEDIAPRO and made by the visual artist Maria S. Leiva and the sound creator Miguel Arrieta, a piece that researches the limits of perception.

Between the micro and the macro: Earth, cosmos, and humanity

The program also includes: “Créatures”, an ode to terrestrial diversity that features complex creatures signed by Vincent Houzé and the musicians Dave & Gabe; “Sphere”, a version of the recent immersive live performance by the musician Robot Koch and the visualist Mickael LeGoff; and “Chain Opera”, a work where Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst investigate AI, subjectivity and mutant forms of communion.

End(O)” is a live synesthetic entity that unites the talents of visual artist Alba G.Corral and the musician Alex Augier, an immersive, oniric, organic and poetic experience.