General conditions for sale and access

The terms and conditions stipulated below regulate the conditions of Delegate Passes sales for the SÓNAR+D 2020 Festival (SÓNAR+D) promoted and organized by the trading company Advanced Music, S.L. (the Organizers), the registered office of which is at calle Zamora 45-47, 6º1º, 08005 Barcelona, and its e-mail is It is the holder of fiscal identity code number B-66699216, and is registered in the Barcelona Register of Companies, in volume 45234, sheet 49, page B 481219, entry 1ª. Purchase of the Delegate Pass entails acceptance of the following conditions:

1. Types of Passes

1.1 - Delegate Pass: This pass entitles the holder to admission to all Sónar+D activities and all Sónar by Day and by Night concerts.

1.2 - Day Delegate Pass: This pass entitles the holder to admission to all Sónar+D activities and all Sónar by Day concerts (access to Sónar by Night is not included in this type of Pass)

1.3 - 1 day Delegate Pass: these grant the right to one-day access to all Sónar+D activities and to Sónar by Day activities.

2. Delegate Pass purchase and venue admission

2.1.- The ticket price will be refunded if SÓNAR+D, total or partial, is cancelled (except for fortuitous causes and/or force majeure and/or any other cause which, being beyond its control, would recommend for reasons of safety, prudence and/or risk to third parties, the cancellation of the Festival). 

2.2.- Delegate Passes may only be purchased at Sónar+D website ( and after purchase, they will be not be exchanged and no refund of their value will be given, except in cases where SÓNAR+D is cancelled. Any Delegate Passes that are altered, torn, or with signs of falsification will entitle the Organizers to refuse the bearer admission to the concerts and activities area.

2.3.- The Organizers will not be held responsible for Delegate Passes that have not been purchased at the official sale point of Sónar+D' website

3. Access

3.1.- Delegate Pass: Delegate Passes are nominal and non-transferable. To pick your accreditation, you must present an official identity document and the reference number of the purchase. A wristband and badge will be affixed to the assistant with its information (photograph, full name and company). The Organization will not be held responsible for the state of conservation of the wristband or the badge: the care and conservation of the wristband and badge is the sole responsibility of the assistant. Manipulated, damaged or broken wristbands and badges will not be admitted to the festival and in the case of the assistant temporarily leaving the festival venues, the wristband must be kept to re-enter the festival.

3.2. - The holder must wear the bracelet and have their credentials in sight at all times to be able to access the different areas. These are two complementary means of identification and must always be together.

3.3 - The Delegate Passes will exclusively be given to the name ticket holder. If the ticket holder can't pick up his/her Delegate Pass a representative can pick it up in his/her name. It's mandatory that the representative brings a signed authorisation with a copy of the original ticket holder's ID as well as the full name and ID number of the representative that's picking up the Delegate Pass on his/her behalf.

4. Right of admission

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 10 of Law 11/2009 of 6 July, concerning administrative regulation of public performances and recreational activities, and Article 50 of Decree 112/2010 of 31 August, which approves the Regulation of public performances and recreational activities in Catalonia, in their capacity as the organizing body of SÓNAR+D, the Organizers establish the following Conditions for Admission:

4.1. - The Organizers reserve the right of admission to individuals who may reasonably be assumed to constitute a risk, and especially to holders of Delegate Passes in which an irregularity or falsification has been detected. The detection of any fraudulent use of the ticket will be prosecuted in accordance with the applicable legislation.

4.2. - Admission to the SÓNAR+D venue will not be granted to individuals with professional photographic cameras, video cameras and recorders. Those attending may be searched in accordance with the applicable legislation, and objects that may be considered dangerous by the Organizers or are prohibited by the regulations will not be admitted.

4.3. - Food and drink from outside the SÓNAR+D venue are prohibited.

4.4. - Any person attending, including after entry to the festival areas, may be ejected without any entitlement to a refund, as a result of failing to follow instructions given by SÓNAR+D Organizers staff, causing a disturbance, carrying or consuming drugs, or due to an apparent or potential state of intoxication, and will be personally and fully responsible for their own actions and omissions towards third parties and damage to objects.

5. Minors

5.1.- Minors aged between 16 and 17 years old will be admitted to the SÓNAR+D and Sónar (Day and Night) venues, and are prohibited from consuming alcohol and tobacco under all circumstances. Minors in breach of these prohibitions may be ejected from the venue. The Festival Organizers reserve the right to request the national identity card or passport proving the age of the person attending at the entrance to the venue or inside it subsequently.

5.2. - Minors under 16 years old will be admitted to the venue of SÓNAR+D and the daytime venue of Sónar, provided that they are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian*. The parent or guardian must complete this "letter of authorization" and carry it with them at all times. The Festival Organizers reserve the right to request the said letter of authorization at any time. Minors under 16 years of age will not be admitted to the Sónar by Night venue under any circumstances.

*All minors aged 7 years old and older must pay an admission fee.

6. Prohibition on the use of tickets for advertising purposes

Possession of a Delegate Pass does not entitle the holder to use it for advertising, marketing or promotion purposes. Improper use will oblige the unauthorised advertiser and/or user to pay a fine equivalent to one thousand times the highest ticket price of the event, without prejudice to subsequent claims for general damages. Delegate Passes found to be in breach of this prohibition will be confiscated, and cancelled immediately.

7. Special conditions of sale

7.1.- If buying through, the special conditions of the purchase can be seen on the following links:

7.2 Registration will only be accepted from a physical or legal person (artistic names, false names or similar will not be accepted). Personal accreditation is non-transferable.

7.3 In the case of loss, and in order to obtain a new accreditation, it will be necessary to submit payment again.

7.4 Once payment is verified, Advanced Music S.L. will send you an invoice if it has been required. At the beginning of June, a personal confirmation number will also be sent to each Delegate Pass holder, along with relevant information regarding its collection.

7.5 Once acquired the accreditation will not be exchanged for any other kind of ticket or fully refunded. Bad weather conditions, natural disasters, Spanish airspace closure or any other force majeure will not lead to ticket refunds. A name change will be possible until June 8, 2018, never after that date.

7.6 In case of not being able to assist at the festival, Advanced Music, S.L. will not reimburse any of the totals paid.

7.7 The given details will be added to the database of Advanced Music, S.L. and will be used in relation to activities organised by this company. The signatory (and those he/she represents) is advised of his/her right to request Advanced Music, S.L. for access, correction, and cancellation of the details, according to the law (Ley Orgánica 15/1999) protecting personal details and related matters.

8. Alteration or cancellation of the Festival

8.1. - The Organizers reserve the right to change, alter or cancel the SÓNAR+D programme at any time.

8.2. - The Organizers will make every effort to avoid the inconvenience that the modification or suspension of the SÓNAR+D programme may entail, by, for example, restructuring performance schedules.

8.3. - The total and/or partial cancellation of SÓNAR+D due to unforeseeable circumstances and/or force majeure and/or any other cause which, being beyond its control, would recommend for reasons of safety, prudence and/or risk to third parties, the cancellation of the Festival, will under no circumstances lead to a refund of the ticket price, the organization reserves the right to modify or alter the program, on the assumption that an artist cancels his performance unilaterally.

9. Intellectual property and image rights

9.1.- All image and intellectual property rights arising directly or indirectly from the artistic presentations or those of any other nature arising due to SÓNAR+D taking place are reserved, and the capture, filming or recording of images or sounds without the prior written authorisation of the Organizers is completely prohibited.

9.2. - Those attending give their consent to their appearance in images recorded by any type of medium for subsequent informative, promotional and/or commercial dissemination of the SÓNAR+D festival and authorization for the use thereof. The said images may appear in any medium or format worldwide and indefinitely.

10.Complaint forms

The Organizers will have complaint forms available to those attending SÓNAR+D in the places specified by the applicable legislation if these are requested.

11. Privacy and data protection

The personal data of users of this website will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy and current legislation on the protection of personal data.

12. Legal reserve

The Organizers shall be entitled to take the civil and criminal legal action it deems appropriate against the perpetrators of any attempts at fraud, burglary and/or damage to the Organizers, either directly or indirectly.

13. Applicable legislation and competent courts

These conditions are governed by the applicable Spanish legislation. When the applicable legislation allows the parties to choose the jurisdiction, the parties specifically waive any others that may apply to them, and agree to submit the differences that may arise from the interpretation or application of these conditions to the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona.