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What does Sónar+D Delegate Pass give access to?
There are different types of Sónar+D Delegate Passes but all of them give access to Sónar by Day venue at Fira Montjuïc and therefore to all the activities and concerts of both Sónar+D and Sónar by Day.

How do I access the venue with my Delegate Pass?
All types of Delegate Passes of Sónar+D access the site through the exclusive door for delegates.

Can I enter and leave the premises as I wish?
You can freely enter and leave Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night with your Sónar+D Delegate Pass.

What are Sónar+D opening hours? 
Wednesday, July 17th is an exclusive day for Sónar+D delegates with programmed activities from 10h to 20h but without Sónar by Day concerts. That day closes with the Networking event from 20h to 22h.  

Thursday, July 18th from 10h to 21h, activities in Pavilion 2, 4 and 5 (talks, workshops, masterclasses, SonarHub, Sónar+D Innovation Challenge, Networking and Sonar360º by MEDIAPRO) will be held.  Concerts in Sónar by Day venue end at 00h.

Friday, July 19th from 10h to 21h, activities in Pavilion 2, 4 and 5 (talks, workshops, masterclasses, SonarHub, Sónar+D Innovation Challenge, Networking and Sonar360º by MEDIAPRO) will take place.  Concerts in Sónar by Day venue end at 23h.

Saturday, July 20th from 13h to 21h there are no activities in Pavilion 4 and 5. Concerts in Sónar by Day venue end at 23h.

Consult timetables and venues of other AV experiences here

Is there a cut-off time to access Sónar+D?
Yes, half an hour before the closing. Wednesday at 21h30, Thursday at 23h30 and Friday and Saturday access to the Fira Montjuic site is permitted until 22h30.

Where can I find the festival programme? 
The full programme, by days and hours can be found here: Sónar+D 2019 Schedule For all the questions regarding Sónar concerts, please visit Sónar's website

General questions

Can I bring my own camera?
Neither photographic cameras nor video recording cameras are allowed into the festival sites (including GoPro cameras).

Can I bring my skate / electric scooter?

Are there ATMs? 
There are ATMs at Sónar by Day and Sónar+D. At Sónar by Night, no.

Is there a cloakroom? 
Yes, all delegates have a free cloakroom service at P5, (Palau de Congressos), Level 0.

Is there a lost property desk? (Lost keys, clothes, mobile phone, etc.)
Yes, at the Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night Information Point.

How do I recover a lost item after the festival?
All unclaimed items at festival information points will be delivered to our office. Email sonar@sonar.es starting Monday, July 22nd, with a description of what you've lost. If we can locate the item you will be able to pick it up from our offices. We will keep hold of lost items until Friday, August 2nd. Monday, August 5th items will be delivered to the appropriate authorities.

Is there a first aid point?
Yes, you can find them on the map where the red cross is.

Is it possible to charge your mobile?

Can I access the site with food or drinks?

Can I buy food at the venue?
Yes, delegates have exclusive access to the VIP Area restaurant with non-stop bar/restaurant service, in addition to all food trucks offerings.

Can I buy, vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free food?

Can I buy gluten-free beer?

Can I smoke?
In the uncovered areas, yes. Indoors, no.

Can I buy tobacco?

Is there WIFI access? 
Yes, in Sónar by Day venue. Please note that delegates have a dedicated wifi network in Sónar+D (the password is provided through the Networking App).

Can I access the site with animals? 

What are the age restrictions at Sónar Festival?
Sónar+D and Sónar by Day: Entrance permitted to all public.  Minors under the age of 16 may access the event but must be accompanied by an adult/legal guardian. It is obligatory to fill in this form to be able to access with a minor and keep it during the festival.  Sónar by Night: Entrance prohibited to under 16s.

Do children have to pay?
Yes. As of 7 years and above. At Sónar by Night entrance is prohibited to minors under the age of 16 years old.

Is there site access for people with disabilities or any specific needs and accompanying assistance? 
Yes. Entrance to the festival has been adapted for disabled access. For individuals or companions with any specific needs please contact us via email explaining the situation: sonar@sonar.es

Are there any toilets for people with reduced mobility? 
Yes. Please check the maps of the venue.

What should I do if I want to make a complaint?
We have complaint sheets at the ticket offices and information points of the festival. You can also fill one here: consum.gencat.cat 

Is there a hand programme available?
No. Because we are committed to sustainability, this year hand programmes will not be available. You can check the full programme on our website or in the official app.

Can I download an Official APP?
Yes, you can download the Sónar+D Networking App here: Android / iOS

Delegate Pass

Where can I buy Delegate Passes? 
You can buy them via the official ticketing platform.

Can I buy my Delegate Pass at the Festival?
Yes, you can buy Delegate Passes during the week of Sónar+D. Go to the Delegate's Office and you will be able to do the online purchase through the official ticketing platform.

Can I get an invoice for the Delegate Passe(s) I bought?
Yes. You can download the invoice of your purchase on the confirmation email you received after completing the payment of the pass.

I haven't received a confirmation email, what should I do?
If the payment was confirmed by your bank and you still haven't received a confirmation email, please contact the official seller (StubHub) stating your full name, ID number and the email you used to purchase the Delegate Pass.

How do I get my Delegate Pass?
To collect your Delegate Pass and your wristband, you must go to Access A (see map) with the official identification document that you used to complete your Delegate Pass process (online purchase and introduction of your personal data).  Your Delegate Pass and wristband are personal and non-transferable and you must wear both at all times while you are at Sónar by Day.

Do I need to wear my Delegate Pass to access the Sónar by Night venue?
It is not necessary to take your Delegate Pass to Sónar by Night, the bracelet is enough to enter the venue.

Can I pick up my Delegate Pass before the festival?
Yes, you can do so at the Delegate Pass Office (see map) from Tuesday, July 17th, 2019. To avoid waiting time, we recommend that you pick up your Delegate Pass before the festival starts. 

Delegate Pass office hours:

Tuesday, July 16: 15h to 20h30
Wednesday, Jluy 17: from 9h to 20h30
Thursday, July 18: from 9h to 21h30
Friday, July 19: from 9h to 21h30
Saturday, July 20: no Delegate Pass will be given, the office will be closed. 

Can someone else pick up my Delegate Pass before the festival?
No. Since the Delegate Pass is nominal, you have to personally pick it up with your official photographic ID (passport, ID, drivers license) at the Delegate Pass Office during its opening hours.

Can I share the Delegate Pass?
No, you can't. Since it's nominal, the wristband and badge are unique and can't be shared as they go together. All the Delegate Passes must be picked up by the ticket holder with an official photographic ID (National ID Card, Passport, Driver's License).

Can I change or cancel a Delegate Pass I've bought?
Once a purchase has been made returns are not allowed. (Read our Terms & Conditions of Sale) However, transfer of Delegate Passes to another person is possible until July 12, 2019, through the Networking App or by sending an e-mail to accounts@sonarplusd.com stating the reference number of your purchase and including the full name, ID number and email address of the new ticket holder. Changes can only be made and authorized by the original ticket holder.

What happens if I buy a Delegate Pass from a non-official seller? How can I be sure that it is legitimate?
We cannot guarantee the legitimacy of a Delegate Pass bought from another vendor that is not one of our official distributors.

Can I go to Sónar by Night with my Delegate Pass?
Yes you can: all Delegate Passes holders have full VIP access to all Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night Concerts (benefits of the Delegate Pass). Day Delegate Pass and One Day Delegate Pass does not give access to Sónar by Night.

Are there Delegate Passes for sale at Sónar by Night?
No, you cannot obtain a Delegate Pass at Sónar by Night. The only place to acquire them is on our official ticketing platform

I bought a Day Delegate Pass, can I exchange it for the Delegate Pass for Day and Night?
Yes, you just have to pay the difference between the two in relation to the date you make the change + a 3€ booking fee. Please send an email to delegates@sonarplusd.com to manage the change.

If I bought a general admission ticket (SonarPass), can I exchange it for a professional Delegate Pass?
No, it is not possible because sales are made through different distribution channels.

Does the SonarPass/SonarPassVIP/Delegate Pass allow access to the Opening/Closing Night and activities that take place outside of the Fira Montjuic and Fira Gran Via?
No, it doesn't. These passes only allow access to Sónar concerts and Sónar+D activities (18th, 19th and 20th July) at Fira Montjuic, and Sónar by Night (19th and 20th July) at Fira Gran Via L'Hospitalet.

Can I access Sónar+D activities with my SonarPass (VIP or regular) or Sónar by Day ticket? 
With the SonarPass or Sónar by Day ticket you can access to a selection of activities from the Sónar+D from July 18th since 13h.

You don't have access to: Networking activities like Meet the Expert, Meet the Investor, Meet&Drink by Estrella Damm, Artist Wanted neither to any of the Sónar+D services (restaurants, Networking Bar, VIP Areas, bag, Sónar by Night bus, Networking App, etc.).

Delegate Pass holders have preferent access to the conferences, workshops, demos and presentations of Stage+D and the Auditorium Sónar+D by SEAT. If capacity allows it, you will be able to access with your SonarPass or Sónar by Day ticket.

Remember that on Saturday 20 only some of the activities of Sónar+D will remain open.

I still have questions about the schedule, the Delegate Pass purchase process, the program, etc. 
E-mail us to sonar_d@sonar.es


What is SonarCashless?
SonarCashless is the only method of payment accepted at the festival. Top up your wristband from a card or with cash, and use it to pay at Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night.

Can I obtain my SonarCashless wristband before the festival? 
You can obtain your wristband and badge from Tuesday, July 16th at the Delegate Pass Office. You will be able to top up your SonarCashless directly at the office.

Where do I pick up my wristband?
At the Delegate Pass Office and at the Cashless points in Sónar by Day or Sónar by Night. This wristband will allow you to access the festival and pay for all consumables. 

Is there a cost for the wristband?

Where can I recharge my wristband?
At any of the Cashless points located at Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night.

Can I recharge the wristband with any amount?
You can only recharge in multiples of 5€ (5€, 10€, 15€, 20€...)

Is there a limit to the amount I can recharge?
Yes, 300€.

Can I recharge my wristband when the balance is insufficient? 
Yes, at both Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night Cashless points.

Can I recharge by cash and credit card? 

Does my wristband balance work at both Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night?

What if I break the wristband?
You will have to go to the customer service desk at any Cashless point, show your broken wristband and you will be given a new one. We can only maintain your wristband balance if it retains the plastic piece on the strap where the chip is located.

What happens if I lose the piece of plastic from the strap?
In this case, the wristband would be considered worthless, because this is where all data is stored. Therefore, it would be as if it had been lost or stolen.

What if I lose my wristband?
If you lose the wristband you will also lose your balance. To obtain a new wristband you will have to go to the customer service desk at any Cashless point and we will give you a new wristband at no additional cost, but you will need to recharge it.

Is the wristband submersible?

Can I check how much balance remains on the wristband or see what transactions have been made? How? 
Yes. You can check your wristband balance anytime at the Cashless point.

Can I recover the money remaining on the wristband when I leave the festival? 
Inside the festival / Immediate refund without fees: at Cashless Returns points in festival hours. Outside of the festival / Refund not immediate, refund transaction fees 2€: online refund application at www.sonar.es/cashless from 12 pm July 22 until 11:59 pm July 29. Once the period has concluded, we will process your application and you will receive a bank transfer between August 2-6. We strongly recommend that you recover the money left in your wristband inside the festival since its an immediate refund without fees at Cashless Returns points during festival hours.


How can I get to Sónar+D? 
Follow this link for transport information: how to get there

How can I get from Sónar+D to Sónar by Night?
All Sónar+D Delegate Pass Holders can use the Delegate Shuttle Bus between both venues fro free. Do not confuse it with the SonarBus for general public, which involves a cost. Delegate Day Pass and Delegate One Day Pass do not give you access to the Delegate Shuttle Bus to Sónar by Night since these passes don't give you access to Fira Gran Vía venue.

How long does it take to get from Sónar+D to Sónar by Night?
Delegate's Shutter Bus: 15 minutes. 
By car or taxi: 10 min
By Metro: 25 min
By SonarBus: 15 min
By FGC (train): 25 min
By Bus TMB: 25 min.

Follow this link for transport information: how to get there

How often does the Delegate Shuttle Bus depart?
Fira Montjuïc ➤ Fira Gran Via
Departure times from Sónar by Day/Sónar+D to Sónar by Night: 21h,21h30, 22h, 22h30, 23h, 23h30, 24h.

Fira Gran Via (Av. Joan Carles I, s/n) ➤ with a stop in Pl. Espanya and Pl.Catalunya
Departure Times from Sónar by Night to Sónar by Day: 3h,4h, 5h, 6h, 7h.

Is the transport to Sónar by Night adapted for people with reduced mobility?
Accredited Shuttle Bus is not adapted for people with reduced mobility.
SonarBus is adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Other questions

Haven't we answer your doubt?
E-mail us to sonar_d@sonar.es