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June 2017

Sónar+D: What you can’t miss on Friday


Sónar+D continues on Friday with the presence of Holly Herndon, the keynotes by Indy Saha (Google Creative Labs), Jeremy Boxer (Vimeo) and Bruce Sterling, and the workshops led by Kickstarter and Arduino.

  • The muse of the post-Snowden era, Holly Herndon, will be explaining her methods and creative process and her fascination with issues such as espionage on the Internet, information overload and political control.
  • Friday also sees keynotes by Bruce Sterling, the father of cyberpunk, Indy Saha, director of Google Brand, Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk experts in virtual reality, Richard Russell, the founder of XL Recordings, and Jeremy Boxer of Vimeo. 
  • The “Artist in Residence” and “Creative Technologies Café” round tables will bring together the creative technologists behind the most sophisticated digital agencies and experiences.
  • The first edition of Meet the Investor happens on Friday, when start-ups and entrepreneurs will be able to meet investors able to finance their projects.
  • The workshops given by Kickstarter, Arduino and Dirty Electronics provide the opportunity to immerse yourself in the workings of essential tools focused on creativity, design and music.

Holly Herndon touches down at Sónar with not only her highly anticipated show at Sónar, but also with a major presence this Friday at Sónar+D. In a conversation with the journalist from The Guide, Kate Hutchinson, Hernon will be talking about the creative process behind her latest work, among others.

In “Powered by Vimeo the platform’s creative director, Jeremy Boxer, will discuss how Vimeo has become the meeting point for audiovisual creative communities. Richard Russell, record producer, will be explaining the technical and creative process behind three compositions published on his XL Recordings label, and finally, Indy Saha, director of Google Brand, will talk about the secrets of Google’s think tank, Google Creative Labs.

Two artists bringing their own baggage join forces to carry out a project based on narratives and experiences in virtual reality. Aaron Koblin, perhaps the most important data artist and Chris Milk, the director behind some of the most groundbreaking visual experiences of the last 10 years, will be presenting Vrse, their new virtual reality project, on Friday.

Meanwhile, the director of the F5 Festival and the publication Motionographer, Justin Cone, will give us a presentation in which he will review the most outstanding motion design projects of 2014. Furthermore, David Cuartielles, the cofounder of Arduino, will use his keynote on “The Value of Open Source” to talk about the philosophy behind the most ubiquitous electronic circuit board in digital culture, Arduino.

Audiovisual and sound experimentation arrive on Friday in the keynotes by two seemingly very different artists, but who work with their medium in a similar way: Thorsten Fleisch and Jacob Kirkegaard. The experimental filmmaker Thorsten Fleisch will be discussing new trends in film experimentation and Jacob Kirkegaard, in his talk about “The Absent Pathos” will discuss his experience composing music for films. In addition, Bohman Brothers and Richard Thomas will discuss their sonic work in relation to cinema in the talk Against Cinema“.

There will be time for legends on Friday. First, Arthur Baker will be presenting his documentary about the Roland 808 drum machine, essential in genres like hip-hop. Afterwards, Bruce Sterling, science fiction author and an essential voice for understanding everything that happens in digital culture, will be talking about his latest fascinations in the closing keynote of Sónar+D.

Friday will also be a day for reflection and exchanging ideas at the various round tables. At “Creative Technologies Café“, the creative technologists behind the most sophisticated digital experiences will be sharing their processes; “Artist In Residence” will discuss artistic practice in scientific and technological environments and finally, “De-westernalizing music through technology will see a discussion on how the technological tools and musical software created in the West, limits the creation and production of oriental music and will explore the possibilities that technology may offer.

On Friday, there will be the Meet the Investor sessiona new activity this year where start-ups and entrepreneurs who have previously requested it will be able to meet Spanish and international investors to set out their projects and try to find ways to finance them.

Workshops, the practical part of Sónar+D and the space to discover how the most innovative creative tools work, continue on Friday. Kickstarter will be doing two workshops, one as an introduction to the platform given by Kendel Ratley, the director of international outreach of Kickstarter, and another on prototyping led by John Dimatos, director of design and outreach at the brand.

Furthermore, the European Commission will be giving the workshop on “Open Digital Science and Art“, an open working session to facilitate the integration of science and art.

On Friday, there will also be a second edition of the workshop “Making Noise with Arduino“, this time led by Alessandro Contini in which instruments with these boards will be built. There will be a new edition of “Build your own Mute Synth II” given by Dirty Electronics for those who want to take their own synthesizer home with them.

transient senses is both an installation in the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion and an international research seminar on the relationship between architecture and sound that will also happen on Friday. This project is also rounded off with performances by the musician Lucio Capece (at 6pm and at 8pm) in the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, who will participate in the installation with his musical instruments. More information and schedules here.

In addition, on the second day, the display of projects at MarketLab and the activities at Meet the Expert continue, as does the screening of films in the Realities+D space and virtual reality headsets in the same space. Novation will show their rich history in synthesiser design on Friday, by taking Sónar+D attendees through an interactive hands-on history exhibition of Novation synths in MarketLab too.

Finally, the second Meet & Drink Sónar+D by Estrella Damm with Nacho Ruiz DJ will take place at 8pm.


Please, notice that all the keynote will be in English without translation. 

Accreditation holders have exclusive access to some activities and priority access until 5 minutes before the start in some others. Find out about the access to each activity in its space at