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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Thursday essentials


Algorithms versus curators: How we discover our next favorite artists and the impact that predictive algorithms have in our lives. Sónar+D has 3 lectures to discover the new era of musical prescription.
Musicians explore the visual dimension of their work: Kode9 presents The Notel, his collaboration with visual artist Lawrence Lek, and Jean-Michel Jarre in conversation with journalist Philip Sherburne, will discuss his career as a musician and creator of electronic stage experiences.

Brian Eno will open Sónar+D with the lecture “Why We Play. Remember that this conference will take place at SonarComplex.
All eyes are set into virtual reality, a medium that is changing storytelling. “The new frontiers of visual storytelling” will reveal the keys of virtual reality.

Numerous projects invite the users to be responsible for their activity on the internqet and to take control of their data and communications. Decentralize is a journey around the independent web in 4 lectures and 6 workshops.

Generative audio and video will be discussed by Kairos Theory, who have developed tools and methods for audiovisual improvisation, and Paul Weir, creator of the procedural sound of the videogame “No Man’s Sky”.

The Realities+D VR experience selection is not to miss, and don’t forget to take a walk around the MarketLab to discover its technologic projects, the prototypes that the participants at the Sónar Innovation Challenge are developing and the installations “Earthworks” located at SonarPLANTA, and Microtonal Wall at the nearby Mies van der Rohe pavilion. Check the full program here.