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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

The festival as a laboratory: Experimental technologies and languages


Along with success stories and major benchmark projects, theSónar+D program pays special attention to emerging technologies, aesthetics and dialogues that will shape the future languages. There will be exclusive presentations of new tools, formats, installations and performances that are redefining technology’s aesthetic discourse, with experiments that will transform the festival into a giant laboratory.

There will be presentations and workshops headed by

Google Creative Labs, the creative think tank for the Internet giant. A selected group of technologists, designers and artists from various fields (mobile technology, audiovisual producers, illustrators, motion graphics, writers) who humanize the giant technology company through storytelling and discussion on the artistic potential of its technologies. Indy Saha, Google Brand director for 3 years, will explain his experiences in the tech giant’s creative lab and its operation as an incubator of ideas in which Google is deepening ties with the creative industry, the process they have developed to execute an idea, and what tools the company can bring to enable each of their projects.

Horizon 2020 is a European Union program for funding research and innovation during the next five years. Within this framework, the European Commission has created “STARTS Science, Technology and the ARTS”, an initiative that brings together artists with researchers for creative innovation in information technology. STARTS facilitates the participation and integration of the arts community in Horizonte 2020 projects. The goal is to generate a large community of engineers, innovators, designers and artists to develop lasting forms of transdisciplinary collaboration. To kick-start this community, the European Commission will present at Sónar+D a selection of bench mark projects from throughout Europe, demonstrating how artists can be integral parts of the innovation process.

Glassworks+CANADA, the interaction studio Glassworks and audiovisual production company CANADA collaborate for the first time to premiere the exclusive “The Ghost in the Machine” in which two robots and one 3D scanner will immerse the audience in a journey represented by a robotic dance performed by a ghostly mechanical sculpture.

Barcelona’s Super Computing Centre (BSC-CNS), is one of the most important scientific institutions with its headquarters in Barcelona, ​​specializing in High Performance Computing and Big Data. Returns to Sónar+D with an ambitious project that will transform the festival into a large collective experiment. For “We know what you did last Sónar”, a network of sensors detecting wireless communication devices like smartphones will be deployed at Sónar by Day, creating a real time analysis of how they move throughout the festival.

Music Hack Day, renowned hackathon organized by the UPF’s Music Technology Group, returns with the new challenge of developing wearable technology for both musical creation and its interpretation. It will bring together experts from around the world in motion detection, biosensors, interaction design and the prototype creation of wearable interfaces.

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