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June 2017

ALMA Sounds: Music of the Spheres


One of the star activities at Sónar+D Santiago 2015 was Sonidos de ALMA (ALMA Sounds), a collaboration with ALMA, the largest astronomical observatory of the world, located on the Atacama desert, Chile. ALMA Sounds poses the creation of pieces of music with sounds coming from space. On January 20th 2012, observations of Orion Nebula were conducted with 16 antennas, and associating a different tonality with each of the spectral lines emitted by the nebula, the ALMA sound database was created.

These sounds are available at and a sample of the works can be listened to on Soundcloud, a set of a dozen of tracks written by Chilean artists like Dj Raff, Felipe Venegas and Fernanda Arrau and some written by Chilean by choice artists like  ATOM™.

Art, science and technology creating a perfect Venn diagram.


Photo credits:

Orion Nebula M42: Hubble Heritage (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Four Antennas ALMA: José Francisco Salgado (CC BY 4.0)