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June 2017

Sónar+D kicks off: What you can’t miss on Thursday


Kickstarter begins the 3rd Sónar+D creativity and technology congress in Barcelona.

  • The CEO of Kickstarter, Yancey Strickler, will give the inaugural lecture, which begins three intense days in which creativity, technology and business will take over Sónar+D.
  • Thursday 18 sees the keynotes by Silvia Oviedo-López of Pinterest, Dan Gray of Monument Valley, Indy Saha of Google Brand, Jordi Borràs of littleBits, Jeremy Boxer of Vimeo and Christina Hug of The Makers Nation.
  • The first project exhibition day at MarketLab: creative laboratories, universities and institutions will be presenting the most advanced products and experiments in the technology and digital market.
  • During the first day of Sónar+D there will also be space for workshops: Queen Mary University of London, Arduino and Dirty Electronics are some of the organisations that will be offering their expertise to the participants.
  • Thursday also sees the beginning of the Music Hack Day and the Start-up Competition by Ricoh, with the participation of more than 100 hackers and the competition’s ten finalist companies.

With the title “Inspiring Creative Freedom“, the keynote by Yancey Strickler the CEO of Kickstarter, the leading company in the creation of projects, will begin three intense days of activities at Sónar+D. This is followed by “Pinning Down Creativity Around the World,” the presentation of Pinterest, one of the fastest growing platforms. Finally, Dan Gray will explain the story of Monument Valley, from an indie video game to an international sensation.

A pioneer in the field of digital music, and “laptop music” precursor, Peter Rehberg, will give a talk celebrating the 20th anniversary of Editions Megoa record label with an essential roster and a never-failing instinct for talent.

Film buffs will also feel right at home at Sónar+D with the line-up coordinated by the Filmin platform within its Atlántida Film Fest with the talks to be held on Thursday: by Jim Kolmar (programmer of SxSW) and the conversation between Rutger Wolfson, former director of the Rotterdam Festival and Juan Daniel F. Molero, winner of the renowned Tiger Award in 2015.

A must-see this year over the three days of the congress will be the Realities+D section, featuring a selection of pioneering pieces in the emerging field of virtual reality, an area in which the new forms of expression and entertainment of the immediate future are taking shape.

Thursday sees the start of MarketLab, the Sónar+D exhibition space that has now become a benchmark for exhibiting the most innovative and creative projects, and which this year will feature Berklee, the Royal College of Art, Queen Mary University, La Salle, the IED and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Moreover, Novation will show their rich history in synthesiser design by taking Sónar+D attendees through an interactive hands-on history of Novation synths in their exhibition in MarketLab.

The practical part of Sónar+D are the workshops – a space for finding out how the most innovative creative tools work. On Thursday, Queen Mary University will present “Oscillating Cities”, a workshop that will be using the popular Raspberry Pi computers to create the soundscape of Sónar. In addition, David Cuartielles, the creator of Arduino, one of the maker community’s favourite tools, will present the workshop for building musical instruments entitled Making Noise with Arduino. And for those who want to take their own synthesizer home, Dirty Electronics will be presenting their traditional workshop entitled Build your own Mute Synth II

Reflection and debate will be on the agenda at transient senses, which is both an installation in the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion and an international research seminar on the relationship between architecture and sound that will happen at Sónar+D during the festival. This project is also rounded off with performances by the musician Lucio Capece (at 7am and 9am) in the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, who will participate in the installation with his musical instruments. More information and schedules here.

For 24 hours starting at 10am, 100 hackers from all over the world will participate in one of the most popular hackathons, the Music Hack Day, where they will be creating applications with the potential to transform the music industry from scratch.

On Thursday, there will also be time for networking activities, including the Start-up Competition by Ricoh and the Meet the Expert appointments. Job interviews will also be held in the Job Market Place.

The first session (of the three that will happen during the congress) of the Meet & Drink Sónar+D by Estrella Damm will take place at 8pm with Pin&Pon Djs.

Please, notice that all the keynote will be in English without translation. 

Accreditation holders have exclusive access to some activities and priority access until 5 minutes before the start in some others. Find out about the access to each activity in its space at